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Siow Huei is a Certified Tension and Trauma Releasing ExercisesTM (TRE) Provider. She is also a Certified Health Coach (Dr Sears Wellness Institute) and a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours.

Siow Huei started her career in the consumer banking industry in Singapore, accumulated over 8 years of rich experience in the areas of customer service, team and project management. She later found her love and passion for people through her days in the banking industry and active volunteer work over the years. She took the plunge in year 2010 to take her passion further - founding Unbox Pte Ltd, a social enterprise specialised in youth development, with a group of friends with the same vision. She was in the core team when Unbox collaborated with Singapore Economic Development Board to organise a nationwide competition challenging Singapore’s youth to envision future ready ideas for Singapore, and conducted workshops related to Social Emotional Learning and leadership development for National Youth Council and numerous educational institutions. Escalating and expanding her passion and strengths to the corporate world, Siow Huei joined Leadership Management Singapore in year 2012 as facilitator and course coach. Within a year of service, she has worked with business leaders and middle managers from more than 20 companies in improving their personal and team effectiveness.

Since second half of 2013, Siow Huei has now re-aligned her work to focus on the areas of PQ (Physical Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). She facilitates individual and group sessions of Tension Releasing ExercisesTM (TRE), as a highly effective stress management technique to people from all walks of life. In early 2014, she joined a 20-member international team of volunteer trainers, went to the areas badly affected by typhoon and earthquake in Philippines, taught many locals TRE, and helped trained provisionally certified local trainers. In 3 weeks, the entire initiative had more than 300 people go through the 3-day training in various locations all over Philippines. Over 160 people have been provisionally certified to work in the Philippines. Over 3000 people were trained in releasing their tension and trauma by those over 160 people who are now provisionally certified.

She has also involved in and led many local and overseas community service projects and regularly taking up coaching role for leadership programs. She has coached more than a hundred individuals, towards achieving new height of excellence in all aspects of life and creating amazing things in the community. She strongly believe in holistic and sustainable approaches in bringing balance and empowerment to every life.




Foo Siow Huei

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We work with

Individuals, organisations and community through customised workshops and programmes to bring balance, awareness and empowerment to life.

We believe that a balanced and present state allows people to access to more choices and resources, therefore enable them to unleash own full potential and achieve worthwhile goals and dreams.

We adopt

A holistic approach by working with our body, emotions, mind, values and identity to ensure a balanced, sustainable and constant learning and development process. The 3 key modalities we adopt are Tension and Trauma Releasing ExercisesTM (TRE), Young Living Essential Oils and health coaching.


Founder - Foo Siow Huei

“Siow Huei is a dedicated coach. When she mentioned she was having TRE as her service, I told her I am in.

From the TRE session, I realized that I am tired emotionally and I didn't express it out. During the session, I also realized that I have been doing a lot of things to keep myself busy so I didn't have to get connected to what my body needed, which was rest.

I like her patience and that she just allowed me to be in my space to come up to my own awareness.

If you are looking for a coach that will make a stand for your growth, Siow Huei is the best choice!.”

Jennifer Lim